Why this is the best time to set up your Dubai Mainland business

Dubai has come a long way from being a desert land to a highly developed business hub, attracting people from all walks of life today.Dubai displays itself as the perfect business destination for entrepreneurs and investors, due to its favourable regulations and laws, and its business-friendly policies for people who are willing to invest in Dubai.

The reason why Dubai has been able to boast its business-friendly environment for so long, and continues to be the favourite business destination for investors is because the advantages of doing business in mainland Dubai have only grown with time. Policies of regulators and the consistency in the vision of the government are what have led to Dubai remaining attractive, with huge potential to grow in the future as well.

Once you attain your business license and approvals from the relevant regulators, you will begin to realize why this is the best time to setup your business in Dubai mainland.

You are allowed flexibility

If you have the right product and you understand how a business in mainland Dubai is run, you will be able to make your way into the UAE marketplace like a knife cuts through butter. ‘

After you have obtained your license for business in Dubai, you will be able to explore the business world of Dubai, experiment, learn and benefit. Business in the mainland provides you with freedom that you may not be able to enjoy with a free zone or offshore company.

Many business activities to choose from

The Emirate allows you to operate many types of business in mainland Dubai and there are not many restrictions on business activities. Whether it is manufacturing, health care services, education or a retail business in Dubai that you want to setup, you just need the right license and the regulators’ approval and you are all set to operate your business.

Your location matters

In Dubai, you get world-class transport facilities, well-developed and modern road system, a world-class airport and premium logistic services. These services are also a result of the development of business. You need to get your products delivered to the other end, the market, and these logistics and transport facilities will come in handy.

Visas are not limited

You need work force that can help you run your business. Dubai allows you to bring the work force to the Emirate and develop and run your business as you like. There is no limit on how many people you want to bring with your business, provided that they are actually needed.

Also, when you settle in the market and look to expand, you might want more people to work for you and that is when you will feel lucky to have a business license from Department of Economic Development, which allows you to increase your workforce as your business setup in Dubai expands.

You have all the help you need

For investors who are not aware of business laws or regulations, process for business setup in Dubai and the first step that an investor needs to take, consultancies like the KWS ME provide their business consultancy to guide them through every step and get things done for the investors.

The consultancy helps you understand every concept that there is in the business world. From business registration process to the nature of the company that you would want to setup, you will learn everything. You can also use the consultancy’s support services like visa process and corporate account opening in order to share your burden.

We help you with everything and we are just a call away.

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