Why Should You Choose To Do Business In Dubai?

Dubai- the business hub of the Middle East, the commercial capital of the world in a relatively short time Dubai has emerged as the city that turns all its investments into profit. Overtime, Dubai has maintained this upward trend and proved itself to be the city of gold as it is dubbed by many.

Today, Dubai stands tall amongst the financial centers (London and Manhattan) with reputations that have been built over centuries and is hailed as the prime business set-up destination. It should be pointed out that Dubai has cemented itself to be an attractive tourism destination with hordes of tourist clamouring in by the thousands to spend their hard-earned cash in a desert!

Dubai is one of 7 cities that make-up the UAE, while all are open for business with various advantages bestowed upon by the government. It still remains the preferred emirate by the business community.

Reasons to setup a business in Dubai:

Apart from it being central hub of all things business, there are thousands of amazing reasons.

1. Geo-strategic Location:

Dubai is located at the juncture of east and west. It is the only city in the world that has the unique ability of keeping up with business hours of the entire world due to its centralised time zone which gives easy access to over 2.2 billion consumers. Its location is advantageous to anyone trying to break into both eastern and western markets.

It should be mentioned here, that Dubai is the preferred centre of import and export markets of the region. Making it one of the most rewarding business markets in the world.

2. Ever –Growing and diverse Economy:

Dubai has heavily advertised its interest in an economy that is not solely based on oil. And is one of the few Gulf States that has evolved and diversified its economy successfully. Housing, tourism, entertainment, Trade, Logistics and transportation accounted for over 60% GDP of Dubai, showing its intent on growing and diversifying its economy.

3. Legal Framework:

Dubai is one of the few countries in the Middle East that has created an environment that nourishes and encourages foreign investors. With constantly changing and improving investment laws and regulations so that foreign investors remain happy and further invest in Dubai.

It became the first ever city of UAE that gave foreigners ownership of land and stocks by opening its real estate market for foreigners.

4. Availability of qualified workforce:

With its liberal labour laws, it is extremely easy to hire qualified workforce from all around the world at competitive prices.

Furthermore, Dubai invests heavily in training programs to train the workforce to play their part in UAE’s economy.

5. Free Zones:

Dubai offers over 20 Free zones of both the industrial type as well as ones catering to various business groups. In these Free zones foreigners can enjoy 100% ownership of their business set-up.

The Free zones offer lax taxation including almost no income tax for foreign –owned companies. This perk is also offered to the companies registered in the Mainland.

6. Lifestyle of Dubai:

Dubai’s biggest attraction is its unparalleled infrastructure which includes high –class technological as well as entertainment facilities. It is also recognised as one of the safest cities in the world making it a prime location for business setup.

It dominates the cargo and re-export market thanks to its sophisticated and sizeable ports namely:

  • Port Rashid
  • Jebel Ali Port

These two ports are responsible for all the heavy lifting and remain busy all year round.

The emirate also have 2 airline carriers:

  • Flydubai
  • Emirates – Emirates is largest Arab airline with 120 destinations and a massive fleet of 160 aircrafts. Flydubai is the fastest growing airline which boasts destination to countries like Russia, Central and Eastern Europe.

7. Quality Lifestyle

Ranked among the top cities of the world, Dubai provides its residents top-notch standard of living. Even though it is the fastest growing city on the planet, Dubai is still the safest.

Home to the tallest building on earth, largest man- made marina, world-class hotels and shopping malls making it an attractive global destination.

8. General Advantages:

The general advantages offered by the UAE government to the business community are:

  • 0% Taxes
  • World- class Infrastructure
  • Low duty on Imports
  • Strategic location of UAE
  • Competitive Economy

Add these incentives to the above mentioned advantages and you have got yourself an excellent business destination worth considering.

Choose Dubai to setup your business and reap the profits generated by the city of gold.

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