Why do you need business consultants in Dubai for your company formation

Drowsy from waiting in a long queue, loads of pending work, losing your cash by dedicating your precious time over stuff which can take your attention away from the main business, a foreign destination, different laws, and new environment can be challenging for your new business setup in Dubai but with expert support, all subjects will have a solution so ask a professional.

Business consultants help in starting business in Dubai

Two major things are required when an entrepreneur decides to start business in Dubai. One is local UAE national to be their sponsor and second is office space, whether to rent an office or to buy the property to setup their business. A business consultant will help you find a reliable business sponsor in Dubai.

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A business consultant will get the all the registration work, name approval, initial approval, signing of the memorandum, issuing Ejari, submission of documents to get a business license in Dubai.

Types of trade license available in Dubai

There are three types of license: Commercial license, Industry license, Professional license.

And a customer has to choose that type of license based on nature of their business activity. If they are into providing service, they have to go for professional license. If they are into the business of trading or commercial activity, they will have to choose commercial license. If they are into manufacturing, they will have to go for industrial license.

Based on the nature of business, business consultant will help entrepreneur in choosing right type of license.

Location does matter

Entrepreneur has two choices while going for company formation in Dubai. Either they can open a company in free zone or they can open a company in mainland. It depends on customer’s business. If they are into local market then they have to choose company in Economic Department. If their business is international, they may go for free zone business.

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If the investor decides that their business in into Dubai, the local market, they will have to Setup Company in economic department. And they can rent office space in Dubai area like Deira, Bur Dubai, Business Bay, Sheikh Zayed Road, Al barsha etc. If you are wholesale trader, you will choose Deira. If you are in service industries, anywhere in Dubai you can have your office space.

A business consultant will help you in choosing suitable office locate for your business and help you decide whether you should rent or buy property for corporate office.

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A business consultant will also help you in assessing business setup costs: Initial registration costs, property costs, rent costs, cost with sponsor, registration with immigration labor department etc.

Summarizing the above information, hiring a business consultant in Dubai will help you in following ways,

  • Formulating business plan
  • Choosing the right business activity
  • Selecting jurisdiction for business operations
  • Deciding legal business structure
  • For mainland company dealing with Department of Economic Development (DED)
  • For free zone company, dealing with free zone authority
  • All documentation and paperwork for business registration in Dubai

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