What time is more suitable to start a new business in UAE

Ready to be start your own business? What time is more suitable to start a new business in UAE

“What’s not exciting about Dubai?” says Joy Ajlouny, the founder of a local tech start-up Fetchr (Courier Service Company) in Dubai.

“When we were going to establish Fetchr I was excited about it. We have people from all over the world working here with us. We have 80 nationalities that kind of represent what Dubai is. Dubai is one of the most visited places in the world. It’s a melting pot for all the people who come over here to make a difference. The whole energy behind Dubai is that come here build it here and we will help you succeed. So it’s exciting. You are in a city that is fast growing and in a fast pace. People are here to grow their businesses and build their dreams. You come across people from all over the world who are here for the same reason and that’s what makes it interesting. Dubai forces you to be the best you. If you work hard you can build your dreams. It gives you the opportunity to do that.”

Right now Fetchr has 700 Employees, 6 offices and operating in 11 cities.

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Mudassir Sheikha, Pakistan born entrepreneur moved to Dubai to co-found Careem – a high end car booking service.

“For the reasons that I come to Dubai is the same reason that many people come to Dubai that it is safe and secure place. It has very advanced infrastructure, both social and physical. And it is very well connected with the rest of the region” says, Mudassir.

The startup was founded in 2012 when Uber, the global car booking company was yet to enter this place. With the first mover advantage, Mudassir and cofounder Magnus Olsson had the chance to meet the need of the population of UAE and to apply the same model to 10 countries in Middle East and North Africa.

With user rate of 6 million customers and a network of 15,000 drivers, Careem has become one of the largest ride hailing platform and is valued at around $1.2 billion as of 2017.

The above two cases prove that Dubai is the perfect place for startups. The government helps with the ideas, funding, and ease of doing business and offers great quality of life. Reem al Hashimy Minister for International Cooperation UAE says,

“Expo 2020 is going to happen when UAE turns 50 years old and it is going to bring corporate civil society organizations and best practices to Dubai to cross pollinate and to collaborate with one another. Moreover, we try to attract people who can raise families here, have a startup, and build a business. We believe that there is level of flexibility that we have put in place that may not give you a nationality but that still allows you to have a long term comfortable and prosperous presence.”

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So, if you are aiming for new business setup in UAE, now is the great time to do that. Enormous business opportunities, speedy growth and unceasing evolution are all over UAE. The country itself is the biggest “startup” there is, a dream that is growing with each passing day. If you want to know the business sectors that are profitable right now in UAE, read about them in our blog here, What are the growing sectors to target with your new UAE business?

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