UAE looks to Asia-Pacific partners to accelerate foreign trade growth

No country is ever self-sufficient in all the resources that it requires. It is for this reason that countries indulge in trade and maintain relationships with other countries in order to fulfil their needs.

In recent times, the word “international markets” has been used to refer to access to different products and services for a country and countries have indulged in talks and diplomatic relationships to get that access to the products and services being traded in the international market.  The word is also used to refer to the opportunity to buy products and services that are offered by other countries for different prices, which also encourages healthy competition.

Trade relations with Asia-Pacific

The UAE has maintained strong relations with many countries in the world, especially the West. It is for this reason that the Western world was able to invest in the UAE and open businesses their and expand in Asia. However, the UAE is now heading towards Asia-Pacific for good trade relations as well. Today, a country cannot remain isolated and it needs to keep its options open when it comes to trade.

The UAE wants to grow foreign trade with the help of its partners in the Asia-Pacific region. Trade with countries in that region accounted for roughly 42% of UAE’s total non-oil trade in the first three quarters in 2018, which makes the region the biggest trading partner of the UAE, taking the UAE’s total non-oil trade to Dh460.6 billion during that period.

Issues like partnerships, trade and foreign direct investments have always been part of the discussions between UAE and countries in Asia-Pacific. At the end of 2017, FDI from China, the UAE’s biggest trading partner in Asia, stood at $9.1 billion. The non-oil trade between the two countries is expected to increase to $70 billion by 2020 from $53.3 billion in 2017.

What can investors do?

This obviously means that the people in the UAE, whether locals or foreigners, will have the opportunity to open up new businesses and be part of the increase in trade with countries in Asia-Pacific. Investors would want to keep a close eye on the areas that the trade might increase in so that they can invest in the relevant industries and make the most out of the profitable business opportunities in UAE that they get.

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