What type of licenses are offered by Shams free zone? What free zone license suits your business activity?

Free zones, established by the authorities in the UAE, have played a major part in attracting investors from all around the world. The tax free export opportunities combined with the chance to operate a business in a technologically advance country was just too much for companies and businessmen to resist.

About 37 free zones have been established by the government in different parts of UAE. These free zones have different services and facilities to offer and attract different types of industries and investors. Some of them offer more facilities to certain types of businesses and have been equipped with relevant capital.

Some of the free zones are Dubai Airport Free zone, Ajman Free zone and Jebel Ali Free zone. The Dubai airport free zone as the name suggests is the area in and around the airport because the airport acts as a market when millions of people enter and leave Dubai through it.

One of the free zones in UAE is the Shams Free Zone. It was established in the start of 2017 and quickly grew to become a great prospect especially for the media industry. The free zone does provide extra support to media companies to relevant facilities, however, other businesses can also make use of the great opportunities provided by the free zone.

Types of licenses offered by the free zone

There are different types of licenses provided by the Sham Free Zone to different businesses.

1.  Service License

A service license allows companies to produce, reproduce, transform and distribute services. In other words, companies offering services to people or businesses can take advantage of the free zone facilities by acquiring the service license.

2.  Trading License

Trade Licenses are the most cherished ones in the business world in Dubai. They are the approval to your business and the gateway to endless opportunities. This license allows you everything, from importing and exporting goods to selling them or using them to provide a service to clients.

3.  Industrial License

This license type is made specifically for those who are in search of an opportunity to set up manufacturing industries. The license allows for goods to be produced, reproduced, transformed and manufactured in the free zone.

4.  Holding License

This type of license allows a different type of activity. The license allows you to operate a holding company through which you can manage assets of other companies. These assets may include real estate, patents, stocks and trademarks.

Which license suits your business the most?

The four types of licenses are available to different businesses which must be authorized to operate within the Shams Free zone using these licenses. The license that suits your needs the most depends on what your business offers. If your business is a service provider to other businesses and individual clients, a service License will be the most suitable choice. However, if you are interested in manufacturing products, the Industrial license will meet your requirements.

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