Role of pros in Dubai economics landscapes

Role of pro’s in Dubai economics landscapes

The UAE’s friendlier business environment, excellent infrastructure, diversified economy, political stability, tolerant values and flexible legislation continue to position it as a thought bed for incubators and creators and a dream destination for investors.

If you are new to the system, as much ambitious and rewarding Business setup in UAE can be, it will also be an overwhelming task due to the cumbersome paperwork and requirements associated with it. For an entrepreneur, time is precious and his company setup in Dubai can be challenging and time-consuming if proper information and right resources are not at hand. This is where PRO services come into the picture.

So, what is a PRO?

A Public Relations Officer or PRO is a government registered agent and the official appointee by an individual entrepreneur or business enterprise who deals with various governmental departments and judicial authorities of Dubai during the process of company formation in Dubai. Documentation such as visa application, labour cards, company trade licensing documentation and approvals etc. is taken care by PRO so that the client is given maximum support for the smooth functioning of setting up a business in Dubai.

The role of PRO in Dubai economic landscape is quite extensive and significant. Here we have listed some major tasks that a PRO handles for a company in Dubai,

1.  Document Clearing Services:
  • PRO takes care of documentation, clearances, approvals and certificates from Department of Economic Development, Dubai Economic Chambers, Dubai Chamber of Trade and Commerce, Ministry of Immigration and Labor and other administrative departments for bank account opening, licensing and registration during Dubai Company Formation.
  • PRO is also responsible for typing of attestation documents in Arabic, collecting employee visas and labor cards, trade name registration, drafting memorandum of Association (MOA), amending MOA and managing paid-up capital for the investor.
2.  Visa Processing:

Pros secure visas for businesses, employees, dependents and domestic workers. To obtain employee visa and labor cards, PROs get document from applicant, forward it to labor and immigration department and get applicants through medical checkups and approving residence visas.

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3.  Trade License Renewal:

PROs help in renewing trade license of a company. If a company in Dubai fails to comply with license renewal terms it can be penalized through fine or even license cancellation so Pros keep check on license expiry and renewal dates. They also maintain company records, arrange meetings and prepare follow-ups.

4.  Company Dissolution Process:

PRO plays crucial role in company liquidation process. He is responsible for bank account closure, deregistration of license, asset liquidation process, final audit report and providing overall guidance for fast and hassle-free process.

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5.  Changes in Business Laws:

PRO keep check on all new UAE business laws and amendments e.g. recently landmark changes have been made such as introduction of 10-year visa rule, 100% ownership law, 5% VAT, e-channel immigration system and so on. PROs ensure that these changes are received, acknowledged and effectively implemented so as to maintain a structured workflow in the business.

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Business Consultants Dubai PRO services

Business Consultants Dubai PRO services can speed up the registration process of a company and give our clients a peace of mind with our experienced and professional Dubai business setup consultants.

Through the course of 12 years, we have established solid relationships with government authorities and trusted partners within legal and audit professions. Particularly foreign investors who are unfamiliar with the region, we provide bespoke services tailored to business specific requirements.

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