Procedure for investor partner visa in Dubai

Procedure for investor/ partner visa in Dubai? What requirements & immigration rules are applied on foreign investors?

A city like Dubai easily attracts millions of people every year, who come for different purposes like business activity, job search or just a vacation. The traffic coming and going out of Dubai is huge and people from every corner of the globe are involved. The visa process and requirements have been set so that the process is streamlined and so that the ins and outs are recorded in the best way possible.

Who can provide these services?

Among those who acquire visas for Dubai and the UAE as a whole, a large majority of potential investors can be found. As Dubai has been developed to attract investors, companies and business owners are always looking to setup operations in Dubai.

Consultancies in Dubai and the rest of the UAE provide visa services. They are well aware of all visa processing requirements and can get things done quickly. KWS Middle East also provides you with visa services. Time is money and both should be saved. That is why experts at the company help you in visa stamping Dubai. You can look at the requirements and process for your investors’ visa below.

Rules for qualification for the investors’ visa

  1. You must make a deposit of at least 10,000 AED with the UAE government.
  2. Proof of significant finds for investment in UAE.
  3. The prospective investment must be approved by authorities in the UAE.

Visa requirements for Investors

It is necessary for every investor to obtain a partner’s visa or investor visa if he or she wants to invest in Dubai. The visa processing is somewhat time-taking but if your documents are complete, you will not see trouble. You will need:

  1. Coloured Passport Copy
  2. One photography (With white background)
  3. Copy of trade license
  4. Copy of Memorandum of Association
  5. Copy of Partnership contract (For Professional licensed company)
  6. Copy of Service Agent contract (For Professional licensed company)
  7. Copy of Immigration Establishment Card
  8. Partners Lists
  9. Original Emirates ID of Partner

The process of visa acquirement

  1. You need to fill the Dubai Investor Visa application. Attach all required documents and the application charges.
  2. Once the visa is emailed to you, you can travel to the UAE.
  3. For those who are already in UAE, they have to apply for Visa amendment with the associated charges.
  4. Medical check-up will be required to complement the procedure.
  5. At the same time Emirates ID will be process. It is required for investors’ identification.
  6. Finally, it is time for Visa stamping Dubai.

Documents for medical clearance are also required:

  1. Copies of passport
  2. Copies of Visa
  3. Two Photographs (With white background)
  4. Application for medical check-up (Typed)

For visa stamping, the following documents are required:

  1. Typed form for Emirates ID
  2. One photograph (White background)
  3. Original Visa
  4. Original Medical Certificate
  5. Original Passport
  6. Immigration Establishment Card
  7. LLC Agreement (For LLC)
  8. Copy of Partners List
  9. License

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