Multinational Brand Registration In Dubai

Multinational Brand Registration In Dubai

“Dubai First” is the abiding policy for world’s largest companies when setting up base for the regional headquarters.

According to a report (published in 2017) by Infomineo, the market research company; Dubai is the leading destination of choice for global companies who want to set up regional head quarter in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. According to the study, 138 companies in Fortune 500 picked Dubai to set up local presence in 2016.

So, why does the wheel of fortune always favors Dubai?

D.Y. Kim, President of LG Gulf answers the question,

“Which other country [apart from UAE] can you recommend to set up a base? UAE itself is growing, transport and logistics are better and well-placed here.”

According to D.Y. Kim, Dubai is the easiest place to setup a business. Company formation in Dubai is quick and hassle-free. Business regulations are easy and it is not difficult to get a visa unlike Saudi Arabia.

Not only the regulations, Dubai provides excellent infrastructure as represented by its transport and logistics links along with providing access to innovation-driven processes. Known as one of the most-hyper connected places, the emirate serves as a gateway to Africa, Middle East and Central Asia. Naturally, the decision to set up headquarters in Dubai becomes quite evident for multinationals.

One of the main considerations for multinationals during their business setup in Dubai is brand registration. The main reason for doing so is to get protection so that other corporations cannot use your brand name and logo for their own business interests. A company can also sue other companies if they use similar type of logos that has already been registered and owned by the branded company.

So, trademark registration is the way by which a company, whether big or small, can easily protect its brand. Trademark distinguishes your products and services from that of others. Your business identity is protected. You have a concrete proof of your legally protected rights. Moreover, it is an asset. It may be franchised and it can be sold.

As we have mentioned above, Dubai has significant competitive advantage of being the prime destination for regional headquarter of multinational corporations. As businesses of multinationals are spread over several countries, they take very seriously in protecting their assets and identity across the globe. They will fight long legal battle if any one uses their characteristic for his business benefit.

Moreover, UAE is the signatory of Berne Convention, international convention for protection of trademarks. So if a company registers its trademark in Dubai, not only it will be accepted in UAE but also in 170 other countries that are also part of this convention. This is quite beneficial for multinationals due to their large presence around the globe. Trademark registration will remove the fear of any misuse of their intellectual property rights and bring them peace of mind.

Therefore, it is vital for companies to go for trademark registration in Dubai so that they can secure the brand and also get a solid base to the business.

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Ministry of Economy and Commerce is the governing body that checks application for trademark registration in Dubai. After a multinational gets its trademark registered, the international brand will be protected for 10 years after which the protection can be renewed.

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