How To Setup A Coffee Shop in Dubai

According to the Euromonitor International, 19,000 food and eatery outlets are to open up in 2019, in Dubai.

The main factor that has resulted in the growth of the food industry in UAE, is the diverse communities that reside in the UAE. Foreigners started recognizing UAE for its investment opportunities and it lead to immigrations and frequent visits from foreigners.

This encouraged business owners to diversify their menus and provide food according to the tastes of the foreigners. Similarly, the increase in the tourism sector, encouraged restaurants and other food places to create diverse menus.

Setting up a Coffee shop in Dubai

There are many factors that need to be considered before a coffee shop business in UAE can be set up.

a. The first license that needs to be acquired is the Food License, from the Food and Safety Department. This license ensures good quality of food and provides a trustful appearance to the restaurant.

b. Similarly, in order to provide various services, appropriate licenses need to be acquired such as Ramadan License, or Trade License. It is advised for business owners to obtain the licenses and keep updated records to avoid any legal fines out of the way.

 c. Furthermore, selecting the right location for the coffee shop business in UAE can be very advantageous. A frequently visited place, that provides access to all kinds of people. Location such as malls, shopping plazas and areas that are known as tourist zones can be seen as ideal locations for new restaurants.

d. However, it is necessary to remember that the selected location is visited by the target audience. For example, an ice cream truck is more likely to operate successfully in a park than in a commercial area. Moreover, an area with already developed food chains can decrease the chances of creating a proper customer flow, for newly set up restaurants.

e. Marketing of the business can create a huge impact on the flow of customers. Online and offline advertisements allow the business to spread awareness of their existence. Without advertising the business, the customer flow is likely to be slow. This will result in a slow growth rate for the business.

Moreover, it is important to have a strong business plan. Setting clear goals provides a direction for the restaurant. Ensuring all investments made in the business are used properly, to obtain the best results. Preparing a contingency plan for unforeseen and unpredictable situations. These factors need to be planned thoroughly for the business in Dubai to operate smoothly and successfully.

Licenses that you need

Trade license

The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing will provide you with a trade license for your business. You will have to opt for an appropriate food establishment type you want to operate in.

The construction plans will bevetted and approved by the food control department of Dubai.

Food license

Food license is provided by Food safety department in Dubai. You will need the following documents to get a food license.

a. Copy of the trade license or primary approval from authority that issues trade license.

 b. The interior design layout of the premises, if applicable:

  1. The entry way and exit passages.
  2. Space for food processing and food storage
  3. The windows and the ventilation system
  4. Location of the equipment that will be used for food processing
  5. Washing machines, dish washers and other supportive equipment that are required

Additionally, you will have to get an approval from the planning department if the restaurant is located outside the shopping center.

We provide what you require

The best way to start a business is to start small. It can take a long time to gain the trust of customers and create a well-reputed business. Therefore, it is advised not to waste finances on opening different branches and such.

In order to receive advice that will benefit their business in Dubai, the business owners are suggested to seek for help from professional business consultants. Business Formation Dubai is a professional consultancy that helps business setup in Dubai owners with setting up new businesses.

The aim of the consultancy is to provide guidance for business setup in Dubai owners by counselling them regarding the ins and outs of operating the business. Furthermore, Business Formation Dubai also helps carry out the procedure required to register and set up the business. They do so by helping open bank accounts, processing visa and registration’s etc.

Let’s start working on your coffee shop. Got questions? Give us a call, or send us an email.

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