How to setup a clinic in Dubai

How to setup a clinic in Dubai

Opening a medical clinic or any other form of medical institution in Dubai requires considerable training and sufficient financial reserves. We have listed down some key points you must consider before going for business setup in Dubai.

  • In order to open a private clinic in Dubai, you must possess a medical degree. If you don’t have a degree then you should acquire the services of a director who must hold a medical degree.
  • You medical staff at all levels must also be fully certified in the UAE.
  • Keep in mind that international diploma is not automatically accepted in UAE. Doctors as well as nurses are possibly required to pass a local exam to get their individual license first.
  • Besides, all the certified medical personnel must know English; that is in writing as well as reading.
  • Each type of medical institution has its own set of requirements and they are quite strict in terms of premises size, finishing, utility areas, equipment etc.
  • Also you are required to obtain a large number of approvals and certifications from government authorities i.e. Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Dubai Municipality (DM)and Dubai Civil Defense (DCD).

Setup Business in Dubai Mainland or Dubai Free Zone

You have to decide the type of company formation in Dubai you are going for i.e. Dubai Mainland Company or Free Zone Company.

If you want to setup a medical clinic in Mainland Dubai, you will need to obtain a professional license which is provided by the Department of Economic Development (DED). Professional license comes under the category of LLC Company formation in Dubai. It requires a local service agent in order to practice in Dubai. Also, professional license holder can employ limited number of workers.

If you want to form a free zone company in Dubai then Dubai Healthcare City is a great option for you. It is a specialized free zone that has the necessary infrastructure and equipment you will need for your clinic and provides varieties of benefits and additional corporate opportunities.

Procedure to Setup Health Clinic In Mainland Dubai

Company registration in Dubai is divided in the following steps,

Step 1 – Trade Name Reservation

The investor shall decide a trade name under which he wants to start a clinic and obtain a license from the appropriate authorities. He will need to file an online application with DED for approval and reservation of trade name. Once, the trade name is registered he can proceed to the next step.

Step 2 – Obtain Initial Approval from DED

After trade name reservation, file an application with DED in order to obtain initial approval for clinic. Various documents will be required at this stage including investor’s passport copy. Furthermore, the layout plan of clinic requires approval from Dubai Municipality.

Step 3 – Obtain Initial Approval from DHA

After receiving approval from DED, the investor must apply to Dubai Health Authority for obtaining the license by providing necessary documents like feasibility report for proposed clinic.

Step 4 – Execute Documents

This step requires preparation and execution of the documents including Memorandum and Articles of Association, lease agreements etc. in order to register a Limited Liability Company (LLC) with DED.

Step 5 – Final Approval from DED

Submit all the executed documents along with copy of receipt of initial approval and payment of fee for registering the LLC with DED. The DED upon verification of documents will issue the trade license in the name of clinic.

Step 6 – Issuance of License by DHA

Final step requires creation of investor’s user id on DHA portal to apply online for obtaining DHA License. Investor will also be required to provide the details of medical professionals and licensed consultant. The DHA shall verify the documents and issue a license for starting a clinic. Investor can now proceed to opening clinic at his/her desired location.

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