How to Get Transport Company License in Dubai

How to Get Transport Company License in Dubai

Opening a transport company can be a great investment. In the current times, there are a variety of transportation choices for individuals who do not own vehicles. Similarly, heavier vehicles that are used to transport goods are also not owned by a large number of individuals. It is simply the case because people do not need to transport goods of large sizes regularly.

This is where transportation companies come in to play. Whether the transport facility is required for passengers or for goods, transportation businesses provide a wide range of options for their customers.

As UAE has high levels of economic activity, transportation facilities are very commonly contracted by organizations.

Obtaining Transport Company License in Dubai

In the recent years, the government of UAE has been working hard to renew their previous legislations being followed in the economic sector. With improved and stricter guidelines, business owners are required to meet specific standard in order to operate their organizations. For example, the introduction of Value Added Tax (VAT) requires business owners to register, if they are able to accumulate over £85,000 threshold of taxable turnover.

Similarly, as UAE has allocated separate regions for different types companies, the government keeps a strict check on the transportation of goods in and out of these regions. A law was passed on 1st September in 2013, regarding the licenses for transport firms in UAE. The law states that the amount of license fee the firm is charged with depends on how many vehicles the firm owns and what they are transporting.

The organizations operating the transporting business are required to obtain transport license in UAE. If the business fails to obtain license to operate the business, they will be fined up to Dh200, 000. The director of the company can also face about six month’s jail time.

The aim of this renewed law was to lessen the time it took to complete border-entry procedures. The security present at the border entrance will be able to gather information, efficiently through the electronic system. The information can be shared between the National Transport Authority (NTA) and 25 other governmental departments of UAE.

However, transport company setup in UAE is a difficult process. Without the help of professionals, obtaining license and registration takes a long time and can be expensive. These new business setup in Dubai owners are recommended to seek help from professional business consultancies.

The aim of the business consultancy is to provide their client’s an efficient and inexpensive business establishment process. The consultancy works closely with the non-governmental and governmental departments related to the business in Dubai sector. The PRO services provided allows the consultants to take over the document processing for their clients who want to own a transport company setup in UAE.

Furthermore, opening a bank account has also become difficult for new foreign business setup in Dubai owners. If the business owners have the right contacts, only then will they be able to open a bank account for their business. Business consultancies have the power of making the bank account opening process easier.

Our part of the plan

The government of UAE has been working hard on upgrading their laws and legislations in regards to the economic sector, in the recent years. This means the laws are becoming stricter. There are many business in Dubai sectors where government allows establishment of new businesses that have the risk of tempering with the image of UAE.

For example, acquiring transport license in UAE and registrations for different types of businesses can only be done with the help of professional organizations that work closely with the governmental departments. Business formation Dubai is a professional consultancy which provides help to new business owners and helps them establish businesses. Due to the experience and networking, Business formation Dubai is able to help its clients obtain bank accounts, visas, licenses and registrations.

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