How to apply for free zone visa in UAE

How to apply for free zone visa in UAE

UAE has become the center of attention for investors from all around the world. The business activity and opportunities has led to these investors and business owners to travel to the UAE. The airports and hoteling facilities in the UAE are able to tell the stories of development the Emirates have seen over the last 3 decades.

The government of the emirates has been able to develop not only one of the best business infrastructures in the world but also the most efficient and investor friendly policies that have lead to the success of businesses in the UAE. Different industries have been developed and different free zones have been developed to encourage these industries. In these zones, rules and regulations have been applied according to the need of the industry being supported by the zone. An example is the Sharjah Media City, which is also known as the Shams Free Zone, where the media industry is being promoted through technology and relevant policies.

One of the policies that have made it easier for investors and business owners to visit the UAE and invest in different industries is the visa policy of the UAE. It is fairly easy to get a visa in the UAE especially when you have a business setup in UAE.  The process is easy and quick and you won’t need a lot of documentation and attestations to enter the UAE.

How can you apply for the free zone visa in UAE

As mentioned above, the process to obtain a free zone visa is not at all tiring or time taking.
There are two types of process through which you can obtain a free zone visa.

a.  If you are outside the country

This type of process is for those who are outside the UAE and want to visit the country in order to work on their business setup in UAE. You can apply for the UAE residence visa and can apply for visas of your family as well. To get all the necessary documents ready, you will have to stay in the UAE for a period of around 2 to 3 weeks. During this time, all your required documents will be prepared and you will then be given your Emirates ID, insurance, and visa stamping. Some free zones might require you to get health insurance as well during this time.

b.  If you are residing within the UAE

If you are already in the UAE and have a tourist visa or a residence visa which is expired, you can apply for a free zone visa. The process of obtaining it can take up to 3 weeks. All you need to do is to approach the relevant authorities with the documents required and you will shortly receive your free zone residence visa.

Who can help you with visa services?

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