How customers feedback is good for your business growth

How customers feedback is good for your business growth

Customers are the most important when you talk about a business setup. The reason is quite simple, a good business is one which not only generates healthy profits but also makes its customers happy and develops brand loyalty. This is cannot be done until and unless the customer is provided what he or she desires. Whether it is food you sell or tours that you arrange, the only way to make you customer smile at the end of providing the product or service is to make sure customer’s experience is worthwhile and the value of money is respected by the owner of the business setup in Dubai.

In a market where people have the spending power, developing customer loyalty is even more important. The competition is tough as it is in Dubai and the whole of UAE so pricing wars are not the only factor that impact the market and the choice that people make. In fact, in such a market, the most important thing is delivery of the right thing to the right person. The quality, quantity and standard of service is what matters. In such fierce market competition, the price levels are optimal so even a smile by one salesman can develop customer loyalty for years to come because that one smile silently impacts the decision that customers make every time.

Importance of customer feedback

When we talk about level of service and how even a smile can make things work, imagine what real efforts to make customers feel valued and respected can do. It is human nature to demand importance and be treated in the best manner. So you must make sure that you value the customer’s remarks and feedback’s on your products. You do not necessarily have to work on that feedback every time, but letting the customer speak his or her heart out will relieve them of something they wanted to say and allow them to develop a good image of your business setup in Dubai

  • Feedback can help improve product quality.
  • Feedback on service can help include something that you missed by mistake.
  • Feedback also allows you to learn and have new ideas that can ultimately be the key to your success.
  • Feedback allows you to learn and anticipate what the customers in the market currently want and what the trends are.
  • Listening to customers will allow you to build and maintain company-to-customer interaction that allows for a superior experience.
  • Brand loyalty is developed if the customer’s feedback is valued and results are drawn.

Key to success

The key to success is to make sure the customer is allowed to say what he thinks even if the feedback is not as useful as you would want. A happy, light hearted customer will always come back to have more of what you offer, provided that the experience has been good at first. In order to make the customers happy you need to work on the core activities like maintaining quality of products and services, entertaining customers, training staff and arranging for products and services.

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