Hamriyah Free Zone UAE Gateway To Global Business

Hamriyah Free Zone UAE: Gateway To Global Business

Looking at the pace at which the society is progressing, it won’t be wrong to say that speed matters a lot in business. As Mark Benioff; Chairman and CEO of Salesforce says,

“Speed is the new currency of business”

This is why in Hamriyah free zone, you can start your business in UAE within 2 hours and receive your trade license on the spot. It is the Middle East’s fastest license issuing free zone.

HFZ- Fastest Growing Industrial Free Zone of UAE

Hamriyah free zone (HFZ) is located in Sharjah; pre-eminent industrial base of UAE. Designed as an investor oriented free zone, it has grown a lot since its establishment in November 12, 1995. HFZ is spread across 22 million sq. km. of prime industrial and commercial land with 14 meter deep water port. The free zone serves as gateway to global business because,

  • Proximity to major global markets with access to over 2 billion consumers
  • Connects with 3 Sharjah seaports and international airport
  • Currently hosts more than 5700 companies and 50,000 employees from over 155 nations.
  • A popular hub of Rigs, Oil and Gas, Mari-time, Petrochemicals, Steel Fabricators and Food Processing Industries
  • Home to highest number of steel fabricators and second largest in terms of oil storage capacity in the entire region

Business benefits of Hamriyah free zone

As with other free zones of UAE, Hamriyah free zone provides typical business benefits such as tax free environment, complete company ownership, exemption from all commercial levies, 100% repatriation of capital and profits as well as sponsorship and visas for all staff.

What’s more?

  • 25 year leases available, renewable for a further 25 years
  • Access to 14 meter deep water port and 7 meter deep inner harbor
  • Pre-built warehouses, factories and office units available for lease
  • Executive office suites in the International Business Center for lease
  • On-site accommodation for investors’ personnel such as recreation center and health club
  • Transportation through road, 3 sea ports and Sharjah International Airport
  • State of the art infrastructure and telecommunications links
  • Ample and low-cost energy
  • Liberty for personnel recruitment and economical workforce
  • Favorable low cost living conditions

HFZ Zones

There are four HFZ zones,

1. Hamriyah SME zone:

This zone is created for SME investors to start a business and provides multiple options for further expansion. An innovative approach i.e. 7 magnificent zones was started for SME community in this free zone that comprises of  Oil & Gas Zone; Petrochemical Zone; Steel City; Construction World; Timber Land; Maritime City and Perfume Land supplemented by E-office packages.

2. Hamriyah logistic village:

It was initiated to provide an all-in-one logistics and distribution center for companies operating in HFZ. It comprises of 224 warehouse units and 32 of them are ready for lease.

3. Hamriyah industrial zone

It is the new Industrial Zone that will have 144 plots of industrial zoned land, each covered 5,000 meter square.

4. Hamriyah MB zone

Hamriyah MB Zone is designed specifically to cater the needs of micro business owners. Whether service, manufacturing or trading, Hamriyah MB Zone provides convenient and practical business solutions for micro business owners.

Hamriyah Free Zone Authority (HFZA)

HFZA deals with incorporation of free zone companies across the free zone. HFZA won the Arabian Business Excellence Award 2017 for Best Government Administrative Service in UAE. HFZ was also commended for start-up support in FDI free zones of the year 2017.

Types of License issued by HFZA

You can establish either a branch of foreign company or incorporate a new company (Free zone Establishment/Free Zone Company). Depending upon the nature of your business, there are three kinds of license issued by HFZA,

  1. Industrial: for manufacturing purposes
  2. Commercial: for trade and distribution of products
  • Services: to provide specific services within HFZ.

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Planning to start a business in Hamriyah free zone?

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