Why Dubai is the business hub for Middle East and North Africa

Why Dubai is the business hub for Middle East and North Africa

UAE is the most attractive information technology market in ME and NA

Business hubs are designed and managed by the local government of a country. The government working in partnership with different sectors of the country provides space for businesses to establish and operate.

Examples of business hubs include London, which is known for bond trading, foreign exchange, banking activities and insurance. Similarly, Singapore is another active business hub which is famous for its legal framework with stable political and economic conditions.

Zurich, the largest city of Switzerland is also a big financial hub due to various financial institutions. The low tax rates also attract the attention of foreign investors.

New York is also one of the leading hubs. It is commonly known as the financial capital across the globe due to the busiest stock exchange, Wall Street and the largest stock exchange by market capitalization, New York Stock Exchange.

Dubai the leading business hub

Dubai is one of the oldest business hubs in the history. It has been acting as a business hub since the 20th century and has continued to expand ever since. Now known as the world’s leading business hub, Dubai has the most ideal location. This ideal location allows Dubai to act as a transit point for the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

The city is surrounded by both the land and sea, therefore, it has access to all three modes of transportation that are by air, by land and by sea. Similarly, Dubai is also one of the largest global hubs for transportation of cargo and passengers.

Over the years, UAE has been creating different methods to help Dubai stay at the top of other business hubs. This has been done by introducing tourism and trade logistics in Dubai. The introduction of first-class infrastructure, a variety of tourist attractions and business opportunities has shaped Dubai into a hospitable city for tourists and investors.

Similarly, as the country grew to become one of the greatest transit points, they started adapting to the newest technologies. This is because information technology has introduced easy modes of manufacturing and communications. Through the use of such technology, the possibility of human errors has decreased while the product outcome rate has increased. This serves as an attraction for business owners.

Furthermore, Dubai is known to have a very hospitable environment for business in Dubai for North Africa. Its diverse cultural and populations allows business owners to easily adjust and find the right audience in the market for their business in Dubai. The city also welcomes enterprises of all sizes and kinds with different business in Dubai opportunities.

Unlike other developing markets across the globe, UAE encourages foreign investments and has also set up different zones for different kinds of businesses.

What services we offer

Many new policies have been introduced in the UAE over the past couple of years. Therefore, it can be quite difficult for foreigners, who are not yet aware of these changes, to establish business setup in Dubai. Without the knowledge of business development, the owners can suffer losses.

This is where professional consultancies come into action. As these professional business consultancies provide assistance in establishing new and helping the already established businesses in need. It is the duty of the consultancy to stay aware of any changes made by the government regarding the business operating policies.

Business Formation Dubai is a professional business consultancy that provides help to old and new business owners. They educate the new owners of business in Dubai for North Africa about the different opportunities available for the in the market. Similarly, Business Formation Dubai helps in the process of business setup in Dubai. This includes obtaining visa, registrations, and opening bank accounts.

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