Complete procedure for Trademark Registration in the UAE

One of the key processes during company formation in UAE is trademark registration. Based on UAE Trademarks Law, there are 4 steps which must be followed in order to register your trademark in UAE.

Step 1: Trademark Search

Our advisors provide comprehensive search at the UAE Trademarks Office for all UAE emirates and the search comprises of,

  • Records of cancellations,
  • Assignments and abandonments,
  • Registered,
  • Published,
  • And pending trademarks

To make sure that there is no conflict associated with your proposed trademark, our advisors at Business Consultant Dubai will also design the best possible approach to implementing your trademark, to increase the chance of smooth, problem free process.

Step 2: Prepare and File Trademark Application

Fill application form in Arabic that will include 5 specimens drawing of each of trademarks. You are required to submit the application to UAE Trademarks Office for examination.

Our Dubai business setup consultants work closely with every client and the UAE Trademark Office in order to make sure that your trademark is lodged correctly in accordance with the goods and services you offer to customers.

We ensure you apply within the correct trademark class and your trademark signifies the correct goods or services which are critically essential to your company.

Application fee is payable at this moment.

Step 3: Prosecute Trademark Application

The UAE Trademarks Office checks for generic trademarks and notifies us on the matter if any problems arise.

The approved trademark application will be published in the UAE official Gazette and also in two leading newspapers. You must have paid your publication fee prior to this. According to new rules, applicants will have a 30 day deadline to pay publication fees and if they fail to do so the trademark application will be delayed.

Step 4: Obtain Certificate of Registration

The registration process will start if there are no objections after the publication of trademark.

The time required to register a trademark is determined by the number of complications present at the application and publication stages. On average it takes about 7 to 12 months to complete the process of trademark registration.

Once you decide to register your trademark, go ahead and begin your application process.

Business Consultant Dubai will be happy to assist you throughout the trademark registration process. The registration period lasts for 10 years after that time it may be renewed for subsequent 10 years.

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Some Popular Questions and their Answers

Question 1: What is a trademark?

Answer: Trademark is an essential part of your business.

It represents your goodwill or business can help business consumers/clients tell the difference between the products and services your business offers and the other business offer.

By legal definition, it means:

Any word, slogan, symbol or design or combination of these that,

  • Identifies the sources of your goods and services &
  • Distinguishes them from goods and services from another party.

Question 2: Should I have one?

Answer: Every business should have a trademark. This is a representation of your business entity.

Question 3: Will it benefit my business?

Answer: It definitely provides you the right benefits of getting your business profits. How? It grants you the legal presumption of the valid owner of the mark thus opening an opportunity for business innovation.

Question 4: Do I need to register it and from where?

Anyone can register the trademark whether individual or company. The trademark is registered at the Ministry of Economy.

Question 5: If I find out that the trademark which I have used for a long time has been registered by another party? Can I as the user of the mark, object to that registration?

Answer: So as per the law, Article 17 Federal law No. 8 of 2002, the first person who registers the trademark is the owner of the mark. And in practice the registration process is based on the first to file basis. So if you have registered the mark at the Ministry of Economy, and use that trademark within the five years of registration, the validity of that registration cannot be disputed.

So what about ‘prior use’ principle? The prior use principle is not very clearly established under the UAE trademarks law. Whilst it has been heavily debated in courts to claim ownership, the best course to protect the trademark is to register your trademark as soon as you possibly can at the Ministry of Economy.

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