Mainland Company Formation

Setting up Mainland Company is a viable option and a very common process in Dubai, especially among foreign investors. For this, UAE law requires 51% ownership of company with the UAE National and rest of 49% with the foreign investor. This way you can take advantage of unlimited business opportunities in Dubai.
Formation of Dubai Mainland Company is now easier than ever. It is the objective of Department of Economic Development (DED) Dubai to help entrepreneurs launch and expand their business without undergoing complex regulations, procedures and administration. You have to register business entity with DED which provides business license that permits you to start your mainland company operations in Dubai legally.

Free Zone Company Formation

Free zone companies are incorporated in free trade zones of UAE. Free trade zone is a special economic area where trade barriers like tariffs and quotas are removed and bureaucratic obligations are lessened with the purpose to attract new businesses and foreign investment.
Setting up Free Zone Company in Dubai is a feasible option for many foreign investors. The benefits include no personal or corporate tax, 100% foreign ownership, no trade barrier, simplified import/export procedure, complete repatriation of profits and excellent infrastructure for commercial and industrial purposes.
With Business Consultants Dubai having more than 10 years of extensive experience in free zone company formation in UAE, we guarantee our clients that they have the right support and resources for their entrepreneurial success in UAE.


Offshore company formation dubai

Offshore Company Formation

Offshore company formation is amongst the most popular forms of business setup in Dubai. Also known as International Business Company (IBM), typically it means to own and operate a company from overseas.
Offshore company provides its owner with the benefit of confidentiality of assets and its protection. It also provides great tax incentives which enable the owner to lower his tax expenditure legally. The cost to form an offshore company is also less.
Our offshore company formation agents at Business Consultants Dubai are highly qualified and experienced with the local and international market to assist you in turning your investment into profitable venture. For guidance in company formation in Dubai, you can always count on our services.