cheapest offshore company in Dubai

The cheapest offshore company setup package in UAE

Business opportunities in UAE

In the past few decades, UAE has emerged as one of the biggest business hubs in the world. With companies coming to UAE from all over the world, it has also become a famous country for those who were and still are willing to migrate from their home countries in search of better earning and living opportunities. Trade of countries with the UAE also grew with the growing industry and today UAE is also one of the richest countries.

Political and diplomatic relationships are always important for economic ties and UAE has been fairly good at it. This has encouraged the overall business activity in the country. Apart from other simple business operations in the country, offshore company setups have also come into limelight. These offshore companies allow international investors to place their investments in different industries and sectors in the UAE.

However, costs of setting up these companies are something that investors do give a thought. The benefit, after incurring the costs of setting up these companies is that investors find access to different businesses and opportunities.

The Best offshore company package

The biggest advantage of the Ajman Free Zone is that it provides the cheapest offshore company setup in the UAE. The low cost comes not only due to low initial investment but also due to the leniency shown towards the investors through different laws and regulations like the ones mentioned above.

Setting up offshore companies is not kept open for investors of a particular type only. In fact, the UAE government allows for different investors to bring different kinds of businesses in the country. Whether it is a trading company, financial companies or ship manufacturing companies, a range of diverse companies have the permission to setup operations at a cost even lower than what they thought was fair.

The role of the UAE government

Issues like business setups and foreign investments are always governed by the government of a company. It is the government which decides level of foreign investment through direct and indirect paths. The UAE government has been welcoming foreign investors by providing easy access to business. Part of the efforts by the government has been to make it easy and cheap to setup offshore companies in UAE. Setting up the Ajman Free Zone is an example where setting up offshore companies has been made cheaper and easier than other cities of the world.

Tax advantages, privacy, security of finances and legal advantages have been provided to businesses to make them feel safe and allow them to run their businesses smoothly. Company setups have been made a matter of 3-4 days. Leasing or renting of office space is not required, which allows the business to cut down costs. Banking facilities have been created keeping in view the requirements of offshore companies.

Requirements to start business in Ajman Free Zone

Some of the documents required for corporate stakeholders who are interested in setting up an offshore company are listed below.

  1. Application for setting up the company
  2. Valid passport copies of stakeholders and directors
  3. Residency proof for both, the stakeholders and the directors
  4. Agent’s registration
  5. Articles of Association
  6. Memorandum of Incorporation
  7. Shareholder’s original resolution
  8. Incorporate certificate or Trade licence copies

For individual stakeholders, the list is given below:

  1. Application form for setting up the offshore company
  2. Personal profile of each shareholder (Can be the resume/CV)
  3. Proof of residence address e.g Utility bills that is not more than 3 months old
  4. Valid passport copy with no less than 6 months of validity

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