Product Registration

Product registration in Dubai requires following a series of steps. Various documents are required which must be attested from UAE embassy. Business Consultants Dubai has undertaken numerous product registration projects until now and we have hundreds of satisfied clients in this regard. Each time is a new product and a challenging task for us but we happily go through it to increase our expertise and knowledge base.

Pro Services

Our market research and client surveys has pointed out a fact that extensive time and hassle is undertaken to maintain records, follow up renewals, update rules by various institutions as well as a lot of manpower and expense is required for salary, transportation, accommodation and various other procedures. This is why Business Consultants Dubai offers a single window solution for all PR related activities of the company whilst giving a reliable and professional assistance.

Sponsors in Dubai

Trademarks are valuable type of intellectual property. They contain a distinctive name, word, sign, logo, image or mixture of these or more that distinguishes a company’s products or services from that of its competitor. Trademark registration is an integral process after you have decided your company name and gone through its registration procedure. Our legal experts at Business Consultants Dubai have thorough understanding of UAE laws and can assist you in correct trademark registration of your company in Dubai.

Trademark Registration

Company liquidation is a process whereby a company discontinues its operations permanently and all of the assets and properties of the company are distributed among its creditors and shareholders.
Before dissolution of the company and termination of trade license, a business owner is required to settle down various procedures. This can make the process complicated and time consuming; that is why Business Consultants Dubai would be delighted to carry out the task of winding up your business in a professional way and in lowest amount of terms.

Company Liquidation

UAE law has made it mandatory for foreign entrepreneurs who are setting up Mainland Company in Dubai to have a local sponsor, a UAE national who should own 51% of business. Rest of 49% shares is held by foreign investor. Sponsors usually do not take part in company’s administration rather they agree upon fixed annual charges. Business Consultants Dubai provides its services in finding a suitable local partner for your business.