Abu Dhabi records increase in tourism 2018

Abu Dhabi records increase in tourism 2018

‘A nation without a past is a nation without a present or a future. Our nation has a flourishing civilization, deep-rooted in this land for many centuries. These roots will always thrive and bloom in the present and in the nation’s anticipated future.’

Taking inspiration from this quote of late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the government of Abu Dhabi has taken productive measures to continue to position itself as a distinctive global tourist destination by sustaining the cultural heritage and identity of the emirate.

We all are aware of the fact that Dubai surpasses other emirates of UAE in terms of best place for Business Setup Dubai as well as tourism hub of the world. But few of us are aware that Abu Dhabi has profoundly increased its efforts to promote the hospitality sector.

Growth of Tourism Sector in 2017

And statistics prove that. According to figures released by Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT) – Abu Dhabi, 2017 was a record breaking year for Abu Dhabi hotels as nearly 4.9m tourists visited the emirate. Number of guests staying in Abu Dhabi’ 162 hotels and hotel apartments was 4.875 million which is 10.3% increase from previous year i.e. 2016 while year on year rise is 9.8%.

Growth of Tourism Sector in 2018

This year the government of Abu Dhabi has set its target to beat 2017’s record for hotel visitors by the end of 2018. Until now i.e. for the first six months of 2018, the figures reveal that the total number of hotel guests visiting Abu Dhabi rose by 5% compared to previous year, with 2,413,230 guests in total arriving.

The month of June alone witnessed an increase of 6% stay of hotel guests i.e. 339,592 visitors; an increase of more than 19,000 over the previous year.

Visitors from Saudi Arabia and America were the main drivers for June’s strong increase. Holy month of Ramadan was also a factor underpinning the uplift- almost 57% increase in arrivals from Saudi Arabia. The United States of America (USA) also showed double-digit growth for the month, with nearly 27% more guests turning up in June compared to last year. 14.5% rise in tourists from UK was also seen. Highest number of visitors in Abu Dhabi was contributed by India, 29,900 tourists from India visited the emirate – 3.7% more than previous year.

Saif Saeed Ghobash, Director General – DCT Abu Dhabi is very confident of the progress. According to him,

“Abu Dhabi’s unique cultural archetypes, combined with diverse natural landscapes, cultural and historic sites, dynamic family-leisure entertainment and ambitious business opportunities, will continue to stimulate visitation and help us grow by 11 percent per annum to achieve 8.5 million visitors by 2021.”

Saif Saeed anticipates growth in the second half of the year as well. It is due to the special events that will take place in the send half of 2018 in Abu Dhabi. Major ones include: Abu Dhabi Food Festival, Etihad Airways Formula One Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and Abu Dhabi Art.

These latest figures clearly indicate that Abu Dhabi is also progressing towards creation of projects intended for tourist attractions and now large number of people from various parts of the world are visiting the emirate besides Dubai. As mentioned above, coming few months will witness few really interesting events and one shouldn’t miss the opportunity to be a part of it.

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