3 Essential qualities required to become a successful Entrepreneur

You have decided that you will start your own business. Great! Now what? Because decision alone can not magically turn you into an entrepreneur overnight. Building your own successful business from the ground up is the most satisfying way to earn a living. However, it is, at the same time, the most challenging task one can undertake in this lifetime. 

To start your own business and be called a successful entrepreneur, one needs a particular set of skills that are practised by business owners and self-made entrepreneurs everywhere.

What is the key to unlocking the code to becoming successful entrepreneurs is?

The basic qualities that one must possess are diligence, patience, and lest we forget, a  business idea good enough to turn in a profit and nimble mind to turn even small business opportunities into monumental success for your enterprise. And pretty soon you will be your own boss — the master of your destiny.

There are many qualities one must possess in order to become a stable, thriving and successful entrepreneur, having said that there are three qualities that are inherent in all successful entrepreneurs.

1. Adaptability

Adaptability is the critical difference between successful entrepreneurs and the ones that are not; this ability can make all the difference in making your business a success.Most of the times, what you start as is not necessarily what you will end up doing when you are ultimately successful as an entrepreneur. As you begin to establish your business, you will learn that the things you thought would work will not be viable at all and the things that seemed impossible on paper perform seamlessly. Other times you will copy others in the industry because whatever they are doing is working well for your company as well.  

Even if you are amongst  the few lucky ones whose original business plan worked flawlessly and the company took off. The business landscape around is you continually changing. For example, You are a residential realtor, and the real estate market suddenly collapses, what will you do then? Pack your bags and go home? A successful entrepreneur will adapt and morph their business into a business that requires similar skills, in the above scenario turning the company into property management will be a wise move as the same capabilities are needed for the two businesses.

Being adaptable is a critical asset that every successful entrepreneur must possess. If you are determined to become an entrepreneur, then you should brace yourself, as the only thing constant in your life would be: change! You will have to be on guard and adapt to survive, or else your business will be swallowed up by the high tide of change.

A quality that an entrepreneur must have, and that comes in at a close second is persistence.

2. Persistence:

A successful entrepreneur is the one that has the ability to overcome any obstacle thrown in their way while doing business. You will hit some bumps in the road that will throw off your entire business plan. Inevitably, you might end up losing big clients. Good dependable employees will leave your organization and may turn into your biggest competitors. The government will amend laws or bring new reforms that will hinder the business proceedings unnecessarily.

To succeed in the face of ever-changing circumstances, you will have to be persistent. Because almost nothing can replace persistence, and it is the ultimate key to success.

Perseverance although it is a necessary trait in addition to that you will require means -financial that is – to persist. Meaning you will need cash reserves as a fall back so that in your time of need you will have something.

Pro Tip: whenever you are considering starting a business always assume that everything will cost twice the estimated amount, and everything will also take twice the expected time. If you cannot afford this, it is best to delay the launch of the business.  Austerity in the initial stages of starting a business is a good practice and in most instances, turns out to be a lifesaver in the long-run.

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3. Work Ethic:

The third absolutely necessary quality that you must possess in order to become a successful entrepreneur is hard work. If you are dead serious about making it as an entrepreneur and starting a business, then it is vital that you have the capability as well as the desire and will to work very, very, very hard.

Being an entrepreneur is not a pleasant experience, and it most definitely is a piece of cake. Running a business is a difficult task. Be prepared to have your work days be longer than the typical eight hours that you were accustomed to if your week starts on a Monday than by Wednesday you will already have exceeded 40 hours, and your work would just have begun. Be ready to be on call Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Because ultimately you are putting all this time and effort to make your own business endeavour a success.

To make sure that your business has a chance at success, you must have an impeccable work ethic. The road to achieving above reproach work ethic, it is highly recommended that you develop a routine, i.e. wake up on time, start your work early so that you have ample time to make any amends etc. By following a routine and developing habits that other successful entrepreneurs have you are doing yourself a favour in the long term, you will be the one reaping the benefits.

Starting a business and then running a company big or small is not an easy stint. It is a taxing exercise filled with multiple challenges and obstacles. However, if you are adaptable and versatile, have the resilience to work very hard, are resourceful and are persistent to a fault. Odds of success are most definitely in your favour!

Adaptability, persistence, willingness to make sacrifices to achieve a successful outcome are keys to becoming a successful entrepreneur.  

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