10 small scale business opportunities in UAE from which you can start business

The UAE is a federation of 7 emirates created in 1971. The country is still young yet it has outperformed many of its elders. A prime location for business, it offers a wealth of attractive conditions in which to establish, grow and expand your business activities at both local and international level.

If you are looking for small business ideas in UAE, this article will help you gain insight of business opportunities in Dubai and across UAE. Main purpose of focusing on Dubai is that Dubai is largest by population, is a great place for business setup in UAE, highly composed of expatriates who are there either for job or business and there is large diversity and versatility of cultures and everything. Let’s look at the best small scale business opportunities in Dubai.

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10 Profitable Business Ideas in UAE with Low Investment

1. Home Improvement Business

If you’re handy around the home and want to be your own boss, consider starting a home improvement business in Dubai. You can provide house renovation service, home plumbing, painting, cleaning, cabinet making, carpet installation, and electrical wiring and appliance repair services. Initially you can repairs computers, home appliances by taking order online. Later you can expand to interior decoration work for residential and commercial properties.

2. Gadgets Repair Business

Gadgets repair business is also one of the profitable businesses in UAE. It is an on-going demand in UAE where most people are rich. They do not hesitate to pay you a great amount of money for repairing their gadgets.

3. Electronic Store Business

Electronics business is becoming a boom in Dubai due to its increasing demand and value. Different electronic brands look for a business center that guarantees the availability of all electronic brands under one roof. For example, it is not possible for Dell to have stores all over the world. Even if it has one branch per city, not all people in the city can access it due to distance. You can capitalize on the need by becoming a distributor of electronic items your customer needs. Partner with corporate firms, become a premium seller by selling luxury brands. On a smaller scale, start selling electronic items online.

4. Car Washing Business

Opening a car wash business is a very profitable idea in Dubai. According to Middle East Cleaning Technology Week, a typical UAE resident spends an average of AED 200 per month on four car washes, therefore there is a clear business opportunity and potential is there, if you know how to capitalize on it. As they say, possibilities are endless with hard work and a fresh idea.

5. Driving school

Opening up driving school and helping others learn driving with fees. Your objective should be to provide a one-stop facility for all driver needs such as registration, licensing, etc., but also offer private and commercial driver education in Dubai area. You can provide high quality, convenient and comprehensive driver education courses at lower cost.

6. Tourists Guide

Dubai is one of the world’s most ideal vacation destinations. According to global market research provider Euromonitor International, Dubai remains among the world’s top 10 most visited cities in 2018 at number 7. Tourists are attracted to the city because of high-standard entertainment avenues, luxury hotels, theme parks, shopping malls and adventure sports. The UAE hosts several thousands of visitors every year, and this opens huge opportunities for businesses that cater to tourists in one way or another. On a smaller scale, you can be a tourist guide who does car rental, hotel managing and preparing tour activities for tourists.

7. Freelancing

If you want to work from home, you can do freelancing. Freelancing is permitted in Dubai and if you get a license you can work from home and have an income.

According to, a growing platform for freelance and part-time work in the Middle East, freelancing is legal in the UAE. You can either apply for a temporary work permit, a part-time work permit (if you are already employed) or have your sponsor in the family act as your official sponsor. After you get your license, you can look at the list of employers and services needed on and sell your services to them.

Besides working as a content writer, you can also sell your services in the form of graphic designs as online marketing is huge these days. You can sell graphic designs like business card, brochure, logos online and make money.

8. Bakery

People in the UAE love to make celebrations of different occasions. It can be any event such as birthday, a success party, a religious celebration, etc. Desserts and other bakery items are definitely the primary things in any celebrations or parties. So if you are good at baking and are passionate about setting up your bakery then it can be a profitable business idea to pursue in Dubai.

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9. Event Planner/ Party Organizer

Event planning industry has gained huge popularity in Dubai over the last decade. If you start event planning company in Dubai, it is likely to thrive for many years to come. Therefore, If you are social person at hear, you should definitely consider this option.


There are different kinds of events though, promotions (fashion shows, product showcase), celebrations (birthday, anniversary, wedding) education (graduation, seminar, conference) and so on. Initially just focus on one area such as birthday parties and gradually move on to others.

10. Career coaching

  • Giving best guidelines to make a good career
  • Gather other guys like you and start coaching

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